World war II

Foynes (history of a flying boat terminus)
That southern Ireland (Éire) was neutral during WWII is a myth. It provided the Allies with exclusive access to weather information and the flying boat base at Foynes was an essential component in Allied communications. See also Chapter 6 and Chapter 7 of my book on weather.

Fort Shannon
So important to the Allies was the security of the Foynes flying boat base in Ireland during WWII that Churchill donated artillery for an emplacement that would defend it in the event of a German sea raid.

Enigma Insight
Disregarding Hollywood’s rewriting of history (“U571”) a key part of the elucidation of the Enigma code was the clandestine capture of German weather ships which like their UK counterparts had been largely unmolested up to that time. However for every German ship which was sunk a UK weather ship was sunk in reprisal.

The cutting of the Italian trans-Atlantic cable during WWII
A close examination of a cable message intercepted at the instant that Italy entered the second world war reveals some interesting details.

Hampden Bomber
The Handley-Page Hampden bomber is not one of the icons of WWII. This record was compiled for the family of a Hampden Navigator who was shot down and whose name appears on the Runnymede Memorial near Windsor.  The German pilot who shot down AE392 was killed on 6 March 1944 and a hypothesis about the circumstances is discussed here.