Some TLM papers

This collection includes some of my recent publications, work by students that never made it to publication and work in progress when I retired in 2006 which was never published.

David Peel was a trainer of helicopter rescue pilots who wanted a means of knowing how far the rotor tips were from any obstruction. Here is a movie which shows his ideas.

The temperature distribution and hence resistance of nano-wires in contact with substrates is an interesting case of mixing Cartesian and polar coordinate systems. Read the details here.

There is still work to be done in the use of TLM for modelling adsorption and trapping. Here are three unpublished papers: Reversible Trapping BasicsReversible Trapping Scaling and Irreversible Trapping.

Ian Scott was an outstanding undergraduate project student. During our collaboration he produced material for four papers on acoustic propagation with boundary-conforming meshes: PIERSWedge, Shallow Channel and Doppler.

A Corpuscular Model for wave propagation is our contribution to the debate on single photon diffraction.

Peter Enders did some interesting work with MSc student Tomi Somolu. Their manuscript is reproduced here because the original publication is not easily accessible.

Here is the latest work on the convergence of TLM models for the Laplace equation. Some of the curves in this paper look quite anatomical.

Is accelerated TLM as good as finite difference SOR?  TLM-SOR uses reverse engineering of some accelerated schemes for the Laplace equation.

It was a surprise to discover that 1-d TLM can be treated as a self-similar binary scatter process. Here is the current state of this research.

Treating TLM as a Combinatorial process gives new insights into dispersion in this type of modelling.

Unpublished work by Mike Morton includes some impressive movies on tsunami propagation, and detection of sea mines/pipelines, also a paper: The need for an Infinity Row in TLM