Hotel Tina conference

Proceedings of a meeting on the properties, applications
and new opportunities for the TLM numerical method
(Hotel Tina, Warsaw 1/ 2 October 2001)

Time Reversal inverse TLM modelling of thermal problems
A.L. Koay, S.H. Pulko and A. J. Wilkinson

TLM modelling of heat flow through defects in aircraft sandwich structures
Joanna Wójcik, Tadeusz Niedziela

A TLM model of a heavy gantry crane system
W. O’Connor

Matlab representations of polar Transmission Line Matrix meshes

Computer modelling of Hg1–xCdxTe photodiode performance
Robert Ciupa

Variance in TLM diffusion simulations
P. Chardaire and D. de Cogan

Field and UV induced electron emission properties of doped SnO2 and In2O3 thin layers
Jadwiga Olesik, Zygmunt Olesik and Michael J. Malachowski

A matched absorbing node in TLM models
D. de Cogan and Cai Kun

The time-domain dynamics of 2-D TLM
W. O’Connor

Simulation of a thermal environment for chilled foods during transport
D.Stubbs, S.H.Pulko and A.J.Wilkinson

Stability of solution of the diffusion equation using various formulation of finite difference method Michael J. Malachowski

Some comments on the TLM modelling of acoustic Doppler effect
R.V. Aldridge, D. de Cogan, M. Morton, W. O’Connor and V. Sant