dandadec blog

Welcome to the new dandadec, part of an ongoing WordPress project.

Our earlier conventional site at dandadec.co.uk contained several broken links (how on earth did that happen?) which were tedious and time consuming to fix and involved both ftp and the web host’s software.  Updating was largely avoided for the same reason.  Now the old content has been revised and transferred here.  We have lovingly tested every page and every link and can fix any lurking problems almost instantly.  Contrarily, this advantage seems to be balanced by the only downside we’ve found  so far.  There is no backtrack (is there?) for unwary changes, so it pays to take great care with the update button!  All in all it’s looking good.

As complete WordPress novices with only a passing acquaintance with HTML we have had an interesting time riding the learning curve.  Several things that should have been easy were not, and we are enormously grateful for the abundant documentation provided by WordPress, for the official and unofficial forums and for the various articles and blogs that provided us with simple help to get us going.  As our contribution we are documenting all the first-time-user pitfalls that we stumbled across and will publish a check list with our solutions.

We hope you enjoy the new site.  Please contact us and let us know.